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Thunderclap is the world's first crowdspeaking platform that allows anyone with a message to amplify it with the power of their networks. Anyone with a tweet-sized message about something they care about can create a Thunderclap campaign with that message. They can then invite their network to lend their voices and support the message on Thunderclap. If enough people support the message, Thunderclap will blast out the original message on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr from all of the supporters’ social media accounts at the same time, automatically creating a wave of activity.


  • Federally-Compatible TOS (link)

  • Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA)

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

  • System of Records Notice (SORN)

Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • FedRAMP (JAB)

  • FedRAMP (Agency)

  • FedRAMP (CSP Package)

  • Agency Approval

Procurement Options

  • If a product costs less than $3,500 / year you can use a purchase card to procure the product. If the annual cost exceeds that amount, you'll need to use another procurement option.