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SmartData Solutions

SmartData Solutions is an environmental remediation data management tool for site characterization, analysis, and planning. This online software service offers:

  • Instant Access: Allow participants to operate immediately, hassle-free with no downloads
  • Security: All data is protected and user access control is managed by the user
  • Collaboration: See updates that other users make as they are added,
  • Mapping: A live mapping component allows users to map the site, tag monitoring wells, direct push, soil samples, and more.
  • Analysis: Built-in contouring and interpolation of site samples give a view of the entire contaminant plume and estimate costs for remediation.
  • Reporting: property owners can submit their reports directly to regulators electronically.
  • Budget-friendly: All projects and upgraded are below the micro-purchase threshold.
  • Real-time updates: Regulators see updates as they happen, and observe how contractors are making decisions on where to collect new data.
Entirely managed and maintained by Azimuth1, organizations can rely on our expertise managing the most complex sites and use our anlaysts to review data and remediation progress.


  • Federally-Compatible TOS

  • Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA)

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

  • System of Records Notice (SORN)

Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • FedRAMP (JAB)

  • FedRAMP (Agency)

  • FedRAMP (CSP Package)

  • Agency Approval

Procurement Options

  • If a product costs less than $3,500 / year you can use a purchase card to procure the product. If the annual cost exceeds that amount, you'll need to use another procurement option.