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With over 1 million companies and 12 thousand sector landscapes in our database, DataFox offers best-in-class searches and filters to help you find the exact types of businesses you're looking for. Whether it's small Ohio healthcare startups who are growing, robotics companies in North America who recently raised financing, or nonprofits with at least 100 employees in the greater Boston area, DataFox helps you find companies, compare vendors to one another, and learn about recent milestones they’ve achieved. Contact or 415-969-2144 for more information.

Government Customers:


  • Federally-Compatible TOS

  • Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA)

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

  • System of Records Notice (SORN)

Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • FedRAMP (JAB)

  • FedRAMP (Agency)

  • FedRAMP (CSP Package)

  • Agency Approval

Procurement Options

  • If a product costs less than $3,500 / year you can use a purchase card to procure the product. If the annual cost exceeds that amount, you'll need to use another procurement option.